Working Like a Dog

Cher Fuller
Senior Digital Strategist

One of the many perks of working at eROI is the dog friendly office we have. As employees we are allowed to bring our dogs to work with us (as long as they aren’t jerks).

I always thought this was a nice sentiment, but never actually realized how amazing it was until one of my fur babies, Duke, crossed the rainbow bridge in April and left me as a one-to-one, single dog owner. I had concerns about Lucy being alone, so I decided to take advantage of this policy and start bringing Lucy into work with me each day. Here is what I learned.

1) Dogs lower stress

Oh, the project timeline changed AGAIN? Awesome. But also, who cares? I’ll just go play with Lucy until you get the new dates. Having dogs in the office gives a calming factor that seems to make even the craziest days run smoother and puts life in perspective; not to mention, the stress it takes off me to work late, or try to rush home at lunch to take her out.

2) They encourage you to take more breaks and get outside

I used to work through lunch and eat at my desk. But knowing that I have a living creature, who needs to go outside, forces me to step away from my desk and go outside for a walk. I remember days when I would come out of the office at night and realize I had never seen the sun that day. There’s a cure for that!

3) Dogs brings positivity to the office

It’s pretty hard to be mad when you have two to three dogs around you at all times. They are silly little creatures that radiate positivity and force us to just breathe and laugh. Especially when they wear stunna shades.

4) Dogs make us more social

I interact a lot more with my coworkers than I ever have before. From the random drop by to pet Lucy, or the invitation to walk around the block after a tough meeting, dogs give us a common ground to come together and socialize.

5) They make work A LOT more fun

I enjoy coming to work every day knowing that my furry companion will be by my side. Lucy has really become a staple in the office for everyone, along with Nalu, Charlie, and Snoopy. They always know she will be around if they need a pet break, or someone to bounce some ideas off of (she’s a great listener).

Cher Fuller
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