Welcome to the Digital Northwest

“A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest…” – Joan Didion

It all starts with a strange love affair.  Not strange as in inexplicable, but strange in the “it’s weird but good” way. The rainy, grimy center of our universe. This is the Pacific Northwest, it’s Portland, and it’s Old Town/Chinatown. It’s a place where style and individualism combine with pure function. Built up from the famed Shanghai Tunnels into an epicenter for digital creation.

What started for us as just a visual style for our office redesign has quickly become our source of inspiration as an agency. When deciding what Digital Northwest means, we came up with some words that expressed our idea:



That translates to our guiding principles.

Form + Function

We don’t believe in design for design’s sake. Everything we do has a purpose that’s rooted in strategy and backed by performance. The most beautiful designs guide, inform and inspire with a purpose.

Sophisticated Simplicity

If an end user sees our products and never notices the technology behind the website or the email, we think we’ve done our job. We’ve created some of the most technically challenging projects with dynamic data, millions of permutations and difficult choices made for device scaling that look like really clean, simple, targeted experiences when they reach their audience.

Discover + Delight

We create experiences. Experiences have layers. They draw you in and reward you for the effort. Small delights that are discoverable make campaigns memorable, and we strive to provide those at every turn.

Honesty + Stewardship

We want to be honest about where we are starting from, and where we need to take it. It means passing on the good ideas so we can pursue the great ones. As stewards we want to conserve our environment. That means caring for our audiences, letting them grow and evolve, and it means taking the long road when others go for the easy road.

About eROI

eROI crafts compelling digital experiences across email, web, and social channels. Our work has been consistently successful in driving revenue and exceeding goals for our partners.

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