Time to Harvest

KC Anderson
Senior Account Manager
No one likes to do timesheets, but it is a necessary evil of agency life.  But maybe, just maybe if you have a slick time management system, you could learn to like (not love, but like) to do your timesheets?
I was tasked with finding a new time tracking system for eROI.  Our current system is too robust thus confusing, time consuming, difficult to learn, etc, etc.  Everyone has begun to dread even logging into it.    Thus my challenge of finding a better solution to meet eROI’s time and project  tracking needs was born.

First step was to talk with each team to learn how they are currently using our time management system and compile a wishlist of features the team would like to see in the new system.   Based on this information, I created and defined five categories to evaluate the different time management systems: 1) Project/Budget Management, 2) Timesheets, 3) Reporting, 4) System, and 5) Price.  After looking at about ten different systems, I narrowed the list to three that I then evaluated based on the five categories.   Harvest was the front runner with a near perfect score  in all categories in my evaluation.

What we love about Harvest:

  • #1 – Adding time is super easy!  (Actually, everything from adding projects to reporting is very easy and intuitive.)
  • Web-based platform that is accessible on a PC, Mac, mobile device, or desktop widget!  (You can even track time via Twitter and Gmail!)
  • Reporting was easy to use and met all of our reporting needs.
  • It has a few additional features and possible integrations that are a nice bonus.  We aren’t sure if, how, or when we will utilize them, but we are excited to explore them once we get everything else all set up.
  • And last, the price was right for our budget.

eROI will be making its official move to Harvest on July 1st.  The team is very excited.  The Account Team and I are busy adding our projects and getting everything ready.  So far, it has been a breeze.

Here is to time well spent.

KC Anderson
KC Anderson, Senior Account Manager at eROI.
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