There’s More to Life than Outdated Metrics

Old School

For too long, email marketing campaigns have lived and died by two outdated metrics; opens and clicks.

Even saavy digital marketers are allowing the success or failure of their email campaigns to be determined soley by the rate at which emails are opened and/or clicked on.

Trouble is, opens and clicks are only a small part of the story.

What truly needs to be considered and tracked is what’s happening once an email recipient takes an action and ends up on your website.

The marketing email needs to be thought-of, and treated as, a step in the holistic marketing process. Most often, its purpose is to entice the recipient to take an action, leading them down a path towards a final conversion. Each step in that path needs to clearly and quickly lead the user towards an end goal. Therefore each step in that process needs to complement the previous. Or, if it doesn’t lead to your goal, trash it.
More often than not, that end goal involves the user getting out their credit card and making a purchase. If that’s our expectation, we had better make it as easy and as seamless as possible for our users to do so.

  • Is the visual experience from email to website consistent?
  • Is what they’ve been asked to do in the email clearly and easily accessible on the website?
  • Is the expectation set in the email content met by what they find on the website?

We can’t simply determine whether recipients are clicking on the email and let the story end there. We need to monitor and track the user’s behavior through to our site. What pages are they visiting? How long are they spending on the site? What’s the bounce rate for email traffic? If we’re losing them before they convert, where are we losing them? By tracking and analyzing this behavior, we can identify gaps and bottlenecks in the path towards conversion and ultimately gather much more insight into what’s encouraging or inhibiting a purchase once a user has clicked through.

The point is, there’s so much more to learn about and oppurtunities to improve upon your email campaigns once you’ve done youre homework and stepped beyond antiquated methods of tracking. Opens and Clicks are an important metric but will never tell the full story of success or failure.

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