The Mortality of Design

I am excited to announce the launch of The Mortality of Design, a six-event series exploring life, death, and rebirth in design.

The MoD is eROI’s contribution to Design Week Portland, a week-long series of interactive events, installations, and conversations that showcase the evolving state of design in Portland.

The Mortality of Design as a concept was born out of our experience participating in Design Week for the first time last year. In 2013 two of our Designers and one of our Developers took it upon themselves to create honest and unique events that shared what Design meant to them and our world.

Tatiana and Heidi, with The Newlyweb Game: Exploring the Designer/Developer Relationship, provided a fun, creative game show-inspired event to talk about the sometimes tenuous relationship between contemporary designers and developers. (Read their two viewpoints in Tatiana’s post Designers + Developers: From Duel to Duo and Heidi’s post Good Devvie, Bad Devvie) Nicole meanwhile focused on her need to learn and grow as a designer and developer in her event Clouds, Code & Crying Squirrels, a Journey of Self Education. Then we ordered a keg and crossed our fingers.

The response to our experiment was overwhelming.
Newlywebs sold out. Clouds, Code & Crying Squirrels packed our offices to their absolute limit. And the keg we ordered was gone after the first event.

Internally, eROI was shifting as well. We have grown from thirteen people in 2013 to over thirty in less than a year, we redesigned our offices, and have redirected our focus as an agency (see the recent update of our 2020 Painted Picture Presentation). It hasn’t come without a lot of work, but it is starting to pay off.

Now, in 2014, the Mortality of Design examines the trends, practices, traditions, and innovations that are all a part of this shifting, changing landscape we operate in as designers.
Across the agency, we’ve created a branded experience and campaign for six events spanning the spectrum of design. Our events will be widely varied from a historical tour of Old Town/China Town to an open house turned exhibit benefiting p:ear, a panel exploring collaboration to an event dedicated to the death of the design comp, and the evolution of email to an interactive event focused on bridging sales and art.
And we, of course, are ordering more than one keg this year.

Design Week Portland is over for the year. Please view our wrap up post to catch all the action.

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