The Best Social Media Practices for Business – As Told by eROI

Last Thursday, we had another round of our recurring series called Lunch ‘N’ Learn where we present concepts and ideas to our staff over a round of delicious food (in this case Luc Lac, which somehow didn’t make the cut in our sandwich post.

This installment was all about best practices for social media as it applies to eROI, but it also applies to social media for business in general. Below we’ve embedded the presentation for you to peruse and enjoy.

The key takeaways are these:

  • Start a conversation
  • Keep it short and interesting
  • Be professionaL
  • Keep it eROI
  • Goats are the new cats, mullets are always funny and if you put up a picture of Saved by the Bell, people will pay attention (ok, maybe these ones just apply to us)
  • PS – Snark is a combo of the words sneeze and bark*, and it brings about as much to the conversation.

Just like all good rules, there is a time and place to break all of them. The important thing is to consciously make that decision.
*I don’t know if that’s actually true, but probably

Here are some more channel specifics.


  • A great way to build long-form content, prove expertise and dive into your personality.
  • Content should be easy to read, have compelling visuals and provide readers with a concrete takeaway.
  • NO BIG BLOCKS OF TEXT! Use lists instead.


  • Join and start a conversation
  • Use lists and tools to your advantage
  • Always add value


  • Be interesting
  • Use video when appropriate
  • Really showcase what makes you unique


  • Perfect mix of business and personality
  • Best platform for putting out content created elsewhere
  • Photos and videos are king
  • PRO-TIP: Instead of posting a link to your blog posts, post a photo and include the link in your description. This makes your posts more visible and more shareable.


  • Quality over quantity
  • Re-pin relevant and current boards
  • Don’t over promote yourself


  • Network, network, network
  • Share content that is relevant to your industry
  • Make connections and join applicable groups
  • It’s not just for job hunters!

Any other tips and tricks? Share them in the comments below!

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