Selling drugs on Instagram, and other things we learned while eating pizza

We’ve talked about our Lunch N Learns in the past, and this week we had an installment where we featured Mike Bodge, the creator of an Instagram storefront Bodge is a freelancer who has built many other personal projects in his spare time, and Hashbag is his latest creation. While we munched on pizza from Sizzle Pie, he walked us through his process for launching the site, monetizing his ideas and how you decide when to launch a product vs. keep developing (spoiler alert: launch before someone else builds what you’re building).

eROI loves Sizzle Pie

From a marketing perspective, it’s great for us at eROI to see how people tap into potential markets and find new ways to connect people. For Hashbag, it was realizing the market place on Instagram already existed informally by people using the #forsale hashtag. Bodge is trying to consolidate that experience and start to add layers of trust and legitimacy to the transactions.

The beauty and the simplicity of the site are that it uses Instagram’s filtering and terms of use to avoid the pitfalls that doomed sites like Silk Road. You can’t sell drugs or guns on the site because Instagram itself has disallowed the tags that would be searchable through Hashbag.

Play around on the site for yourself. You never know what you might find!

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