Sandwich Adventures

Everyone who knows me,
knows I am into lunch big time

And as one of the newest members of the eROI Creative team, only one thing excited me more than joining the team—new lunch possibilities.

Many a day I have walked in the office at 8am, and greeted my fellow co-workers with “what’s for lunch guys?”. I know what you are going to say… “who doesn’t like lunch?”. Well, some days, I will even eat first and second lunch. On rare occasion, third lunch hits, which never ends well.

The eROI offices reside in Old Town which is basically lunchtopia, so close to so many great lunch spots. And that’s if you are just counting the food carts, but the question is, where to start your lunch adventures when you are the new kid on the block?
Anyone who loves lunch, should and probably does appreciate a delicious sandwich…. so naturally, I set out on a sandwich eating mission, and I am bringing you the report. For my first week I tried out some of Old Town’s best sandwich selling establishments, compiled my notes, and am going to tell you which ones, are my favorites and why.
This sandwich story has a few caveats.

  • First, it’s not meaty, and while I am not a vegetarian by any means, I am just not that into meat. If you are a raging carnivore, I still think you should read my blog post.
  • Secondly, I only stuck to walking distance from the eROI office.
  • Lastly, these are purely my sandwich opinions, and some of my opinions are not based strictly on sandwich alone. With that out of the way, here goes… enjoy… I sure did!

Day One – Brunch Box

Some of my co-workers, like to get a BELT, which is bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato (for an additional fifty cents!). I wish I had gone for that. The only problem is when you walk up to order your sandwich they hand you a pretty extensive condiment list, and I missed the egg. Also, a heads up, they have horseradish, and it’s not on the list, it’s secret horseradish. Brunch Box kills it when it comes to customization, you can basically pick and choose your ultimate sandwich; you can even get your sandwich built on two grilled cheeses!

Day Two – Theo’s

Theo’s might just be my favorite, but only because it’s delicious on demand… which totally makes me a sandwich sellout. Here’s the deal, it’s literally, at the bottom of the building we are in, and it’s good. I like to go down there and get a sandwich and work for a bit, gives me a change in scene, but I don’t have to really go anywhere.
The sandwich I got is a classic, turkey, avocado, bacon. It comes on decent bread, but admittedly, this isn’t a sandwich you are thinking about for hours and days after. It’s just simply, a really tasty sandwich. You get your choice of sides, the usual suspects, chips, fries, potato salad… Get the fries, they are so good and the rosemary ketsup is the amazing.

Day Three – Bunk

On the top of most of my co-workers sandwich list is Bunk. It’s basically just a walk-up counter on 6th and Burnside. The place is tiny, and hot with some seating but it fills up and gets really busy, so plan on taking your sandwich to go.
The tuna melt was really good, just the right amount of kick, and huge pickles. The only downside to bunk is that it’s pretty pricy for sandwiches, and you only get ‘meh’ potato chips on the side.

Day Four – Aybla Food Cart

Back to the pod! So originally I planned on not eating anything in a pita, or wrap because I wanted to stick to “classic” sandwiches, however, towards the end of the week I started to break down. Hearing so much about the gyros at the Aybia Cart, I thought to myself “hey why not, maybe a gyro is a sandwich after all” and mowed down a felafel one. It was fresh, with great tasting felafel. It was super filling without that sleepy, sleepy-time feeling you get after a sandwich like Bunk, for example. Do note though, after lunch I felt like I smelled like a falafel sandwich all day long.

Day Five – Kenny & Zuke’s

Well worth the nice walk from eROI, Kenny & Zuke’s offers up a wide variety of delicatessen style sandwiches. I had the super delicious veggie rueben, grilled with kraut and swiss cheese, served with a side of fresh coleslaw. The rye was just the perfect amount of rye with out being overpowering.

Kenny & Zuke’s is also the first sandwich I got with a pickle on the side, and I honestly don’t know why more places don’t just give you a pickle. I sat at the counter, so I got to watch all the other orders come up, and it seriously was just one dank sandwich after the next. Yum, yum.

I can honestly say what makes a great sandwich, for me, is when you want to go back to the same spot and try your sandwich but with a twist, or when you are really stoked to try a new different delicious sandwich because the one you had last week was so good. Old Town is full of just those spots and more.

Overall eating sandwiches is a pretty simple thing, but a sandwich mission… well that’s more than just sandwiches, it’s lunch adventures and a chance to get to know your new co-workers and your new-work ‘hood.
After announcing my sandwich eating blog post idea, my new work friends were really supportive and offered up some great tips on where to get delicious sandwiches. Being new, I am still trying to get to know everyone on my team, so I felt that this sandwich mission was giving me a little glimpse into who they are as people. What they liked, what they didn’t like… whether or not they considered a gyro a sandwich, and if not, was it because of strict reasons—like it’s only one piece of bread instead of two, and if they didn’t consider a gyro a sandwich, did a torta count? All of these really big questions totally gave me insight into my new teammates, an unintended bonus of my sandwich mission.
Did I find my favorite, sure. Did I get full? Yes. And along the way I created new friendships while touring another part of Portland—success.

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