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Ryan Buchanan Wins AMA Marketer of the Year Award

Keely McKay

Ryan Buchanan, eROI’s CEO and Founder, was awarded the American Marketing Association Marketer of the Year Award at the annual AMA MAX awards last night.

eROI at the AMA Awards 2013
Ryan has spent the past fifteen years thriving, mentoring, and building strong relationships within the local Portland Marketing community leading to the Marketer of the Year award.

To say that it is well-deserved would be an understatement.

I have volunteered with and served on the board of the AMA for over two years now, because I believe in the value and benefit that the AMA Portland chapter provides to the Portland Marketing community. Portland is home to some of the most creative and innovative marketing professionals in the nation; furthermore, the AMA provides a platform upon which and an opportunity for local professional to connect, develop professionally and become empowered.

As a non-profit, volunteer lead organization, with an unwavering passion and commitment to marketing, we appreciate nothing more than industry leaders who also seek to enrich and challenge the boundaries of Portland’s marketing community. Whether it be through attending local events, offering to speak at luncheons or simply supporting employee involvement, the AMA appreciates and, in this case, happily awards those who promote industry involvement, education and professional growth.

The AMA MAX Marketer of the Year Award is reserved for influential marketers in a principal or leadership role, selected by their peers and past AMA Presidents. The Marketer of the Year is honored for their lifetime achievement in remarkable marketing and leadership, who throughout their careers, have modeled exemplary leadership and marketing skills.

As an industry professional, I am drawn to leaders who have the ability to see five, ten years out. I value leaders who are more interested in being identified as a viable member of their own team, rather than with the title of CEO.

I mentioned in my nomination of Ryan that he doesn’t confine himself to his title or office; instead, he is a daily part of our team at eROI and works to lead by example. As part of our team, Ryan is on the ground with us working to better eROI. Whether it be establishing attainable agency goals, helping to build stronger client relationships or internally presenting our three-year painted picture to drive home our core values as an agency – Ryan’s focus and invested interest in his team is unwavering. As a member of the eROI team, I cannot emphasize enough how his daily involvement keeps us continually motivated and balanced.

Having worked with, and now for, Ryan I know firsthand his dedication to the marketing community, Portland, and pushing digital awesomeness. And that is why I was one of the people who nominated Ryan for the award.

Congratulations Ryan; I am proud to work with you to shape Portland’s Marketing community and ecstatic that you’re being recognized for your outstanding service!

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