Reply Mail Management Set-up

A RMM feature assists in managing incoming emails received by the reply address immediately after an email is sent, including:

  • Auto-replies and out-of-office replies are automatically filtered and deleted
  • RMM scans the subject line and email body of incoming reply mail for words such as “unsubscribe,” “remove,” or “leave.” When these words are detected, the subscriber is automatically removed from the list and the email is then deleted
  • Genuine requests for information can be answered immediately via an automated response that you create
    Process for set up:


For IT:

You must change the MX record so all replies sent to your messages redirect to the ExactTarget RMM servers for processing. Contact your ISP and ask that it make the following addition to your zone file: (reply subdomain) IN MX 10


For Admin:

Use the following steps to complete the Reply Mail Management screen:

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. Click Account Settings.
  3. Click Reply Mail Management. The Reply Mail Management screen appears.
  4. Complete the information in the Reply Address Definition section:


Email Display Name

Display name of the Reply-to address.

Reply Subdomain

Domain you selected in the How to Specify a Reply Subdomain procedure.

Email Reply Address

Reply-to address you created in the How to Create a Sender Profile procedure.

DNS Record Redirect Complete

Select Yes after your ISP complete the DNS changes you requested in the How to Request DNS Changes from Your ISP procedure.


  1. Complete the information in the Reply Filters section:


Delete Auto-replies and Out-of-office replies

Determines whether RMM deletes emails that are identified by the auto-reply or out-of-office filters. The default setting is No.

Unsubscribe Manual Requests

Determines whether RMM systematically unsubscribes email addresses from emails that are identified by the unsubscribe filter. If you select Yes in this field, you must select the terms included in the unsubscribe filter. The default is No.


Determines which terms the unsubscribe filter searches for in the email body and subject. If you chose Yes for Unsubscribe Manual Requests, you must select the terms that you want to specify here. Refer to the Unsubscribe Terms section for  list of unsubscribe filters.


  1. Select an option in the Automated Response Email for Remaining Replies section.   These settings can be overridden by using Sender Profiles.
    – If you choose Default Response Email, you can click the view email link next to that option and see how your default email looks, as shown in the Automated Response Email for Remaining Replies section.
    – If you select Create Custom Response, you must define the response email. You can click the define email link next to that option to get a starting point for your email.
  2. Complete the information in the Routing Address for Remaining Replies section:


Forward remaining replies to

Contains the email address RMM uses to forward emails that are not identified by the filters. For example, you might enter a customer service email address in this field to forward unfiltered replies to customer service.

Current Zones Zone eroi

How To Test Your RMM Configuration


    All the previous procedures in this document must be complete before you can perform this procedure: Use these steps to test your RMM configuration:
  1. Log in to ExactTarget.
  2. Create a test list that contains your own email address. See ExactTarget’s online help for more information on creating lists.
  3. Send an email to your test list. See ExactTarget’s online help for more information on sending emails. You receive the email message in your email client.
  4. Open the email message in your email client.
  5. Reply to the message. Enter one of the words that should cause RMM to identify the message for automatic processing. For example, if you configured RMM to unsubscribe by manual request, enter Unsubscribe in the subject line of the email.
  6. Send the message.
  7. In the ExactTarget application, open your subscriber list and confirm that your email address has been unsubscribed.

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