Portland Madness : The Championship is Here

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Malted hops. Lots and lots of books. These are the makings for a Portland Madness championship for the ages.

Your votes have been tallied, favorites have fallen and it’s Microbrews vs. Powell’s for the Portland Madness title. It’s the type of matchup you’ll someday tell your grandkids about. A contest your grandkids will tell THEIR grandkids about while flying their gyro-copters to Space School. What we’re saying is, this is the big one.
To get from 64 contenders to two, there are some hard-fought battles along the way. To truly respect these Portland icons’ place in the title game, one need look no further than journey they took to get here.


A heavy favorite entering the tournament, seeing Microbrews in the championship is not a surprise to many. But, even as a top seed, Microbrews had close wins over some serious contenders to arrive in the big one.
Round 1: Easily downs Yoga
Round 2: Mows over Forest Park
Tweet 16: Tough win over Fairtrade Coffee
Elitist 8: Narrowly escapes over Food Carts
Flannel Four: Last minute heroics topple Rain

That performance is a tour de force. To cement their spot as the most Portland of all Portland, Microbrews took down FOOD CARTS & RAIN! Enough said.


Powell’s In what has been referred to by some as “criminal,” Powell’s entered Portland Madness with a controversial 5-seed, inheriting a brutal stretch of match-ups.
Round 1: Spanks the Naked Bike Ride
Round 2: Brings down the White Stag Sign
Tweet 16: NARROWLY dispatches the Unipiper by just 7 votes.
Elitist 8: Convincing “W” over Bikes
Flannel Four: Just demolishes “Keep Portland Weird”

Powell’s proved a lot to get where they are, including that the Selection Committee should go back to Selection School. Not only that, but they proved to be more Portland than a massive neon sign that ACTUALLY SAYS Portland, Oregon. Well played, you book behemoth.

So there it is. 64 enter, 1 emerges the Portland Madness victor and YOUR voting will decide. Head to Portland Madness to vote on the championship matchup and be sure to log-in and check the leaderboard to see how your bracket did. Voting will close at Noon Pacific Time on Friday!

Who will have their one shining moment? Portland Madness all comes down to this.

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