PORTLAND MADNESS: A Champion is Crowned

PORTLAND MADNESS – A Champion is Crowned from eROI on Vimeo.


It’s Powell’s!!

After six weeks of build up, 5 furious rounds of voting, 56,000 individual votes and 64 other things going home empty-handed, Powell’s has been crowned the MOST PORTLAND THING ABOUT PORTLAND.

They didn’t have the easiest draw, and needed some last-second heroics to beat the Unipiper, but in the end, the cream rises to the top and Powell’s dominated the rest of the competition, easily besting Microbrews in the Finals.

If you want to hear what the guys at Sock Center have to say, or if you’ve ever wanted to watch a puppet sing “One Shining Moment” you can watch the video recap above.


Out of the 890 brackets submitted, user Stephen A. can now call himself the Most Portland Person In Portland. With an extremely impressive bracket that picked 15 of the Tweet Sixteen Correctly, 7 of the Elitist 8, three of the Flannel Four and picked Powell’s over Microbrews in the Finals, Stephen blew the competition away!

His winnings include a prize pack full of a Voodoo Doughnut and Stumptown Coffee gift cards, A “Put a Bird on it” sticker and a sweet Oregon shaped bottle opener. Nothing says “I nerd out on brackets and my hometown” more than that. Congrats Stephen!

See how your bracket did, and the final results of every matchup at


Congrats are also in order for Instagram user  @apdxb for sharing with us the most Portlandy photo. As you can see, it basically embodies the feelings and emotions of Portland Madness in a square frame (filter included). Nothing says Portland like strippers, random stickers and our winner Powell’s. Strong work all around!

Coming next week, the brilliant eROI minds behind Portland Madness will break down the Method Behind the Madness and show you what it takes to build and execute a bracket challenge of this scale.


CLUE #3 – Your Final Exam

Prepare to do some research.


Count the number of eyes you see on eROI’s Crew page.
Add to that the number of Portland Timbers matches that ended in a draw in 2014.
Subtract from that the number of stories in the Lloyd Center Tower.
Divide that number by how many years since the Oregon Convention Center opened.

Remember that number.
That’s your secret number.


Now go back to the email we originally sent you and locate the Portland scene in the lower portion.

Find the building that the deer seems to be staring at. Count down from the top to the light that matches your secret number.

Click on it to see if you’ve found Bitz. You get three tries.


Don’t fail us.
We’re counting on you.

(If you have no idea what Clue #3 is all about, sign up for eROI email and get in on the fun.)

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