“The name ‘client’ sounds so formal and cold, don’t you think?” “You’re right. Let’s call them something else instead.” “How about ‘Partners?’” “Yeah, that sounds much  better!”

You can almost hear that conversation happening in some agency board room somewhere. It’s a marketing move as old as time: rebranding something that’s become stale, without actually rethinking what the product is.

We realized that we didn’t want our relationships to be a prescriptive transaction between a client and the Agency.  We wanted to achieve the best results, and to create the type of agency we all wanted to work at —  and that brands wanted to work with. We took a bit of a different path to arrive at our idea of partnership.

We started with what Partnership is not.


Partnership is not about the money.

It’s not about serving the biggest clients with the most energy, and giving smaller clients the scraps. It’s not about chasing short-term wins at the expense of long-term viability.

Partnership is not about “good” clients or “bad” clients.

Leslie Shortt, our VP of Partner Services, likes to compare our Partners to kids. “There’s no favorites. Every Partner has their challenges and their upsides, and that makes them all unique.”

Partnership isn’t formulaic.

One-size fits all is great for trucker hats, but when it comes to high-performing marketing campaigns, we are working with snowflakes: no two are alike. You can spend a lot of time trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole, but it’s a lot easier to just create a new peg.

So what is it?

Partnership is all about problem solving

Unlimited budgets and no limits seems like the dream scenario for an agency, but we believe that the best campaigns are ones that solve problems. Constraints, budgets and audience groups challenge us to creatively solve those problems in ways we would never have thought to.

Partnership is about education

In the long-term, we have the ability to educate our audience, educate our partners, and educate ourselves in order to continually move forward. Three or five years into a Partnership, there’s a crazy mind-meld that starts to happen and some magical things start to happen.

We create detailed account plans for each of our Partners that catalog these learnings, look at the current market and tech landscape, and identify areas of opportunities. These are invaluable resources when it’s time to start planning campaigns.

Partnership is a Relationship

Ultimately, Partnership comes down to a simple idea: it’s a relationship between eROI and our brand Partner. There’s give and take, ups and downs, and a fundamental belief in what the brand does, and who the brand is.

From the agency side, we believe in full transparency. With our Performance reporting, we’ll give you the wins, the losses and everything we’ve learned (even when it arms you with information to do certain projects without us). Again, we’re in it for the long haul, and our brand Partners have to trust us implicitly.

Leslie, again sums it up best: “Partnership is long term, valuable, respectful and full of deep knowledge and business nuances. It’s appreciation, understanding, belief, and adaptability. It is work and change and sharing and creating. It’s understanding what each brings to the party and pushing each other’s limits so that ultimately we create something better together.”

It’s a wild ride, come join us.

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