OSU New Media Design Class

This term I will be teaching the New Media design class with Christine Gallagher, at the Oregon State University. I was able to work with Christine on the structure of the class and will be mixing my time between the classroom in Corvallis and the eROI offices via Google Hangout. This isn’t the first time that I have been involved in design teaching, for the past year I have been working with the Portland Art Institute’s design program, critiquing their Junior and Senior-level Graphic Design students.
What is particularly exciting for myself, and eROI, is the opportunity to structure the New Media class around one of our core tenants—’why’. Or more specifically, asking ‘why’:

‘Why’ is our North star. It keeps us focused on the real value of y/our programs and keeps everyone from turning into tactics zombies (link to previous email newsletter on Tactic Zombies).
We use it while hunting for insights, scouting analytics, and hitting the streets to understand how your business can truly connect with what people need, want, love, and simply must have.
‘Why’ leaves no question off-limits. It fearlessly looks inside and outside your business to uncover new opportunities and improve the programs you’re running.


A course designing digital informational systems;
Focusing on conceptualization, diagramming, & user-interaction.

Thursday was my first day of design school; I got to see ‘why’ in action.

The basic framework isn’t spectacularly groundbreaking, though it is targeted. The students were assigned four TED Talks for inspiration and split into groups. They are tasked with promoting a one-time event through three channels—a web presence, social or guerrilla marketing, and an email. This is all packaged into one cohesive and compelling final client pitch deck. They work independently in their groups, using them as a support network, to share, compare, and critique each other in a closer knit group than the full class. Working in a small group also gives the design students real-world practice working with (and sometimes in competition against) a small team. Everything else, from concept to final design delivery, is up to the individual students.
Watch the videos; let’s start a dialog around social change, design, and anything else you all are open to_

Tristram Stuart: The global food waste scandal
Dave Eggers‘ wish: Once Upon a School
Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology
Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral

I love working agency side. I love clients and particularly fun design projects that stretch what we previously thought possible. Teaching, however is exhilarating. It’s a time that I get to talk true design theory, and be inspired by the moment of brilliance a gifted design student can bring to the table.
Throughout the term I will update you all on the progress of the design class as a way to involve you all in the lesson, at least vicariously through my posts.
In the interest of complete transparency: I know Christine Gallagher as an amazingly talented graphic designer, who just so happens to be one of the teachers I studied with the most for my undergraduate fine art degree. I owe a lot of my design aesthetic and definitely my love for design theory to Christine. It is a pleasure to work with her again. This term will be fun. Work, but fun.
I have attached the Syllabus for the class written by Christine Gallagher at the Oregon State University. Download it below.

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