Newspaper, Digital Media and Football – featuring Omar Little

August 2012 brought together three of my favorite things; creative marketing, NFL football and The Wire. (Note: If you don’t know what the Wire is, I need you to stop reading right now, get on Netflix and spend the next 3 days watching the entire series. Only then, once your mind is fully blown, may you continue reading.)

Our client, the Baltimore Sun, happened to be the focal point of Season 5 of the aforementioned greatest show of all time. They came to us with a specific goal in mind; increase the number of digital subscriptions to the Baltimore Sun’s website. The Baltimore Sun had, months previous, began charging a small subscription fee in order to access the endless, localized news content on their website. Although this was a seemingly straightforward objective, it came with an obvious and difficult challenge. With news and information readily available for no cost, in real-time throughout the web, why would someone ever pay to get the news online?

We pondered. We postulated. I made Wire references. As we asked ourselves what type of news would be important enough for this audience to pay for, given the time of year, the answer became clear. Baltimore is a blue-collar, NFL city, filled with die-hard football fans and we happen to be launching our campaign just as the most popular sport in the U.S.A. kicks off its season. Couple that with the Baltimore Sun’s unparalleled, insider coverage of the city’s beloved Baltimore Ravens and the timing couldn’t have been better. As the NFL season kicked off last night, we launched a multi-channel, digital subscription driving campaign, geared at Ravens fans looking for insider coverage. The campaigns includes dynamic marketing components across email, print and online display that will remind this audience all season that the Baltimore Sun is the source of everything Ravens, all the time.

We’re incredibly excited work with the Baltimore Sun and to see this campaign drive subscriptions for them all NFL season long.

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