Meet Kim Pearson, Our New Account Coordinator!

We’re proud to announce Kim Pearson joined eROI as Account Coordinator! She has superb customer relations experience and is also a social media maven, a runner and an all-around lovely person to be around. Meet Kim:


Beth Palmer: Can you take us through your career highlights that lead up to joining eROI?

 Kim Pearson: I’ve worked really hard, learned a ton, and have had a lot of fun getting to where I am today. Highlights include:

  • Directing an after-school program for 40+ elementary aged kiddos
  • Learning and growing within a startup community, always doing what it takes to get the job (any job) done.
  • Building a customer service and social media department from the ground up alongside an amazing crew.
  • Joining the awesome and talented eROI team! So stoked to be here 🙂


BP: What have you found the most rewarding in your professional experiences?


KP: Connecting with people, learning from them, and working as a team to bring a project together. I’ve been very fortunate to work among some of the best people I’ve ever met, all fantastically creative. Whether it’s colleagues, vendors, or customers/clients — the value of human interaction and continually re-discovering the limitless possibilities of what we can accomplish together is the core of my professional experience.


BP: We know you’re an Instagram rockstar. What are your go-to tips for brands building engagement and a community of followers on the photo-sharing social platform?


KP: Be real. People love interacting with real people, and finding ways to relate to them. Use #hashtags and @-mentions, but don’t overkill. Find interesting perspectives (literally and figuratively) with everyday objects/environments/people to create beautiful images. 🙂


BP: Challenge: Describe in emoticons how your first weeks at eROI.


KP: 😀 (BIG grins), *\0/* (team work), ;D (funny jokes), o/\o (high fives!)


BP: In the length of a Tweet, what’s your ideal day in Portland?


KP: Cool & brisk AM #run, #vintage browsing on Hawthorne, @WaterfrontBlues grooving, EOD drinks on the back patio, all with my #besties.


BP: We’re excited for you and your upcoming race! What’s the mileage, and how does this race’s distance rank among others you’ve run? What’s one of your favorite running routes in Portland that you’d recommend?


KP: I will be running the Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon that loops around beautiful Sauvie’s Island this Fourth of July. This will be my fourth half marathon, and it just happens to be on the FOURTH of July. I didn’t plan that, I promise … but I love happy accidents. Hey look! It’s 11:11, make a wish! 😉


My favorite run in Portland is a nine mile loop (which I don’t do all that often). It incorporates all of my favorite parts of the city: from my doorstep in SE to the Eastbank Esplanade bridge loop along the waterfront, through Ladd’s Addition, and back home. A great tour of our beautiful city.


BP: Do you like the stomach-knotting hilarity that is NBC’s Parks and Recreation?


KP: YES. However, I have to admit I was just recently introduced. I’ve flown through the first three seasons, and am concluding the fourth (and, enjoying every second). Ron Swanson is my hero, and I <3 Ben and Leslie.


Duke SilverBP: Awesome. Well, what a great segue; that really worked out. Next question: In Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson has a secret identity, Duke Silver, a smooth jazz saxophonist. What would you (or DO you) do in a secret life, and what would be your alias?


KP: Queen of Ping Pong. I will defeat all the people. I’ll let you decide whether this is an alias or a reality. 😉


BP: Whoa, who is Queen of Ping Pong and will she be my friend, and should I want her to be my friend?! You won’t reveal? Fine. What else will you reveal about your primary identity, Kim Pearson?


KP: I’m an avid U of O Duck fan, and Duck Football Season ticket holder … now, at eROI, sitting across from Strategy Manager Matt Popkes, hard core OSU Beaver fan. (And, the rivalry has begun.) Also, I’m an auntie of five: four nieces and a nephew. I’m in love with ALL of them!


BP: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Kim! Readers, follow Kim on Instagram here.


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