Meet eROI’s new VP of Client Service, Leslie Shortt

Emily Swinkels
Digital Strategist

We recently brought Leslie Shortt onto the team at eROI to be our new VP of Client Service. With a diverse background in agency and client-side work, a personality that fits right in here, and impeccable dance skills, we know she’s going to do great things.
We sat down recently with Leslie to learn a little more:

Leslie Shortt

Give us the highlights of your professional life pre-eROI.

I have worked in both Canada and US on both coasts for last 25 years (oihh). I’ve had an amazing journey. Tough to narrow it down. I’d say what stands out is that I have worked with many extraordinary people, lived and travelled to great places, and experienced different cultures both on the agency and client side. I feel like this position at eROI is allowing me to use all the skills and knowledge that I’ve developed collectively over the years. I’m super excited to see where it takes me.

It sounds like you’re really into winter sports. What are your favorites?

I was born close to the Rocky Mountains so I think my love of the mountains and snow is part of my DNA. I love to downhill ski. My daughter races so we get to go up skiing every single weekend starting at first snow. For me a day on the hill is like going to church with a great workout thrown in. If anyone wants a ride up to the mountain, just let me know!

The most important questions we can ask: Dogs or cats? Oregon or Oregon State?

Both dogs and cats actually. I’ve owned five horses, three dogs, five cats, one bird and two guinea pigs. So I guess you could say I’m animal agnostic. The football thing – well. Not being raised in the states this is a whole new thing for me. I can’t quite get too excited about it – sorry. Ask me about hockey. The Flames and The Bruins!

What are you looking forward to the most as you get settled in to working at eROI?

I’m looking forward to what we will create collectively. I think we have an amazing team here, fantastic talent and great chemistry. That coupled with our amazing clients is sure to produce something amazing. I can’t wait.

Anything else we should know about you?

I’m big into my family. Moving back here to Portland was a conscious decision that my husband I made to raise our children in an amazing part of the world where energy and creativity is bursting everywhere and where people care about each other and our environment. Portland is super special and I’m thrilled to be back in it.

Welcome to the team Leslie!

Emily Swinkels
Emily Swinkels, Digital Strategist at eROI.