Meet Colby Wilson, eROI Account Services Director

We are really happy to announce Colby Wilson has joined the eROI team as Account Services Director.
We wanted to welcome him in the usual manner–shining an uncomfortably bright spotlight his way, in the form of the following Q&A. Say hello to Colby in the comments!

Beth Palmer: We can already tell you have a few catch phrases (double thumbs up, Zang, etc.) and we’re enjoying them. Mind sharing a bit about their origin?
Colby Wilson:  I guess I do have catch phrases.  Thumbs up needs no explanation, nor does double thumbs up.  Zang is from Wayne’s World, it was subtitled as “Excellent” in the movie.  I have more, but we’ll roll those out over time.
BP: Is there anything you wouldn’t eat bacon on?
CW: Bacon makes everything better.
BP: Let’s go there. Let’s discuss small talk no-no’s: sports. Who are your teams?
CW: First, any team that my sons are a part of.  Second, NBA – Utah Jazz, back to the days before Stockton & Malone; NFL – Denver Broncos; College – University of Utah; Soccer – Portland Timbers (of course)
BP: You have a rich history in the Portland agency scene. What are some of your greatest memories and learnings?
CW:  All of the wonderful and talented people I currently work with and have worked with both on the agency-side and the client-side.
BP: We know you’re passionate about client relations and about marketing. Our audience might not know that yet. Can you explain?
CW: For me, it’s pretty simple, it’s about solving problems and making people happy.
BP: You’re taught in journalism school to save the questions that will most likely make the source sprint away for last. So, will you eat this food item I currently have in my hands and I’m handing to you?
CW: Not a chance.
BP: Zang.

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