Logo Madness – The Stage Is Set

Thanks to your votes, 64 logos have whittled down to just 2. Let’s take a look at the Final Four battles before we preview the final match-up in this quest for glory to determine the greatest logo of all time. This is Logo Madness.


NBC vs Nike
Congratulations are in order again for NBC, which — along with Nike, Google, and The Olympics — fought its way to the Final Four of Logo Madness. That they did this as a #11 seed, their Cinderella story mirrors that of 2006’s run from the George Mason Patriots. If you’re unfamiliar with the historic and unprecedented run, George Mason was able to grab one of the coveted at-large bids to the NCAA Tournament in the 2006 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament as a #11 seed, despite losing to conference rival Hofstra twice in the span of ten days. Hofstra did not make the tournament. Many media personalities criticized the choice of their inclusion, and with the Patriots facing off against the Michigan State Spartans, a Final Four contender the previous year, many thought #11 seeded George Mason would be a one-and-done. Instead, they put together one of the most memorable and unlikely runs to the Final Four, knocking off Michigan State, North Carolina (the defending champions at the time), Wichita State, and #1 seed Connecticut Huskies (the team favored to win it all) to cut down the nets of the Washington D.C. regional. The game vs Connecticut was decided in overtime, and the last 12 seconds are something historical.
George Mason
However, just like George Mason losing to the eventual champions — the Florida Gators — the NBC Fighting Technicolor Peacocks had its work cut out for them when they squared off against the heavy favorite to win the whole thing, Nike. The Swoosh. NBC fought as hard as they could possibly fight, and it was closer than many expected.
In fact, the 11th hour was showing a tie, and Nike not representing in the finals became a worrisome possibility.
But in the end: sanity was restored, Cinderella lost her slipper, and a catastrophe was prevented. NBC, I personally will miss your silly, fun little technicolor bird in this tournament, but Nike in the finals is justice. Nike advances — barely defeating a #11 seed — but has shown it is mortal, and can be defeated.


google olympics
The Google logo is the only dynamic logo in the tournament i.e., it’s the only logo to change based on events. Whether you think that it’s a crutch or an invaluable quality is a personal and subjective opinion, but there is no denying that Google made it this far because of the Doodles. Commemorating and honoring holidays, pioneers, and current events, the Doodle has been a fun little distraction every time we visit the search page. If it weren’t for the Doodle, we would probably looking at the Apple logo representing here. Thankfully, we live in a world where we could wake up tomorrow and see a new illustration or interactive experience on the home page, when maybe we were intending on finding a great cat site.
However, there was no defeating the symbolism, simplicity and inherent beauty of the interlocking rings of The Olympics, who will now square off against Nike, in the final match. I’m really excited for this. This is the match-up I wanted from the beginning. We all knew Nike would at the very least make the finals, and very likely win it all, but the #5 seeded Olympics had a lot of tough matches to overcome. So we have one final match for you to vote on. The Nike Swoosh? The Olympic Rings. God, I’m so friggin’ pumped for this!


There’s no need to hype this up any further. We have the two greatest logos of all time. They are simple, yet inspirational. Will The Olympics pull off the upset, or will Nike live up to the expectations and win? This is Logo Madness.

Disclaimer: These logos are provided for not for profit informational purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement of a brand or product. 

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