Logo Madness – Only Four Remain

In last week’s post we looked at a bit of history for the eight logos remaining to set up the semi-finals. The resulting votes eliminated four very great and iconic logos. At the end of this tournament there is going to be one winner and 63 very sad logos, but these four should not be dismissed as losers. Let’s have a moment of silence for the bunny, the silver star, the apple, and the arrow. Playboy, Mercedes-Benz, Apple and FedEx made it very far and lost to what has been determined as four of the greatest logos of all time. Let’s take a look at the results in the bracket below. (If you want to get straight to voting, go to our Facebook page to vote)

Round 5

A word about the seeding committee. Looking back on it now, NBC as an #11 seed was an egregious oversight. The seeding selection was not the most rigorous process. Matt Popkes and I went to Old Town Pizza for a slice and a drink, while we went through all 64 logos and took turns selecting logos for seeds #1-#16. Somehow NBC ended up as the 43rd logo selected. We won’t apologize for our mistakes, because you, the fans, voted to fix and overcome this atrocity, putting them into the field of the final four logos, where they face their biggest challenge: the undisputed #1 overall swoosh of Nike.
No match-up last round was ever very close. Nike blew out Playboy; NBC did the same with Mercedes-Benz. Across the aisle, the Google giant toppled the Apple giant, earning this #6 seed a surprising upset and command of the region. The Olympics dispatched of FedEx relatively easy as well. Toppling Target and Apple back-to-back is an impressive feat for Google. There is no doubt at this point that the frequent Doodles are propelling Google to victory. Will it hold on for another victory against the rings of the Olympics? During last year’s Summer Olympics, Google ran some Olympic Doodles (17, to be exact), providing an interesting collaborative angle to this contest.

olympic google

So here we are. Two contests to determine the last match-up. Four logos. Head over to our Facebook page to vote for who you think should be crowned the greatest. Nike vs NBC. Google vs Olympics. This is Logo Madness.


[1] Nike defeats [6] Playboy
[11] NBC defeats [8] Mercedes-Benz
[6] Google defeats [1] Apple
[5] Olympics defeats [2] FedEx
Help us determine the championship match and crown the greatest logo of all time! VOTE ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.
Disclaimer: These logos are provided for not for profit informational purposes only and should not be considered an endorsement of a brand or product. 

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