Links to Interesting Things? Yeah We Do that.

I’m so glad that I have unlimited access to the tubes of the net. Without them how would I know about such things like Calvin Broadus Jr. nee Snoop Dogg has gone reggae? Please refer to him now as….drum roll please, Snoop Lion! As a child of the gangsta rap era that does NOT roll off of my tongue. Call me nostalgic but Snoop L-I-O-N just does not have the same ring as Snoop D-O-Double G. Want to know some more RIDICULOUS celebrity name changes? Check it. In honor of all things random but interesting, here, in no particular order are the top ten most recent links and stories from eROI social:


  1. For those of you following the heated Account Vs. Strategy Princess basketball game the results are in!
  2. In case you didn’t know there is a company named “Google” they search stuff and have a rather large bank account. In what could only be seen as a salvo on Facebook they bought Wildfire which helps people manage their presence on Facebook and Twitter. Should the Zuck be worried?
  3. We have some very avid cyclists who avidly follow Le Tour De France. Why wouldn’t we? The winner wears Yellow which EVERYONE knows is eROI’s color! Thanks for the shout out Bradley Wiggins!
  4. Beer! Portland loves it as well as MOST of our office. Portland is home to several amazing beer fests. Our Art Director and Performance Analyst managed to attend both the International Beer Fest and the Oregon Beer Fest . When I say attend I mean, managed to drink copious amounts of wonderful beer and make it home alive. Including a glass of 50$ a bottle goodness.
  5. We’d like to say that we killed off all spam but alas, we just didn’t have time. However a group of global Bad@$$3S managed to take down the “Grum Botnet” reducing spam by what some say might be 50%. Less pleas for money from far off places is a good thing.
  6. Our team is really creative. People make things, send things, and talk about things…creatively.
  7. What retailer hasn’t lamented the death of brick and mortar stores because of Amazon? People come to try on but buy online all the time. How can mom and pop compete? Here are some great suggestions including using Amazon’s own massive budget and R&D to your advantage.
  8. Is it Christmas already? If that’s the case it is definitely not going to be a white one and my wife is going to be ticked off I didn’t get her gifts or a tree. Didn’t we JUST pay our credit cards off?
  9. NBC has been flogged in the media recently for their time delayed broadcasts. I for one am glad that I don’t have to get up at 1 AM to watch my favorite trampolining athletes. Here are some apps to help you keep abreast of the action as well as a link to trampolining because I know you are intrigued now. It’s EXACTLY what you are thinking it is, they are just a LOT better at it than us when we were kids and jumping off the roof was a “trick” not sheer stupidity.
  10. When building a brand it should be special. How do you make it special? Video. Check these out and tell me they aren’t cool. This post is from our New York sales team. Blocks making funny noises make me want to spend all kinds of money. Consider yourself informed.

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