Keeping Analytics Simple

With the holidays approaching, we are all out and about shopping which can turn into a very frustrating experience. In The Paradox of Choice-Why More is Less, Barry Schwartz argues that retailers could increase their sales as well as reduce their shoppers’ anxiety if they would just pare down the products they offer.  How do you choose between Turkey Spam and Bacon Spam? Should I have cheese with my Spam? The answer?
KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. When I look at an analytics program like Google Analytics, or begin to delve into the reporting in ExactTarget it can be just as overwhelming as Christmas shopping unless I have a goal. There’s so much information at your fingertips that it can be hard to choose what you should be looking at. Narrowing your focus to some KPI’s and creating measurable reports around them will winnow your choices enough that you aren’t immobilized by choice and instead can see a clear action plan.
This time of year is all about money (don’t let people fool you into thinking it’s caroling and yule logs) so it’s a good time to take a look at who your most profitable visitors are. Analyze how customers who buy in larger quantities are interacting with the site and where they are arriving from by creating a segment of people whose orders are greater than your average. Are they different in some way? How can you reproduce that success with other visitors? Maybe it’s a specific banner ad that is driving those whales. How can you capitalize on that?

Ask yourself what success looks like for your goals.  If social is a focus than using Google’s social reporting can be helpful to see where you have the most influence and which channel is pushing people to your site. Are you tagging your links? Using a tagging schema allows you to see not only what channel is converting for you but what TYPE of links are converting the best. Are they videos? Links to your blog? How are Pinterest users interacting with your site compared to Facebook? Maybe Facebook isn’t as big as you really think it is and Twitter is bringing in the bucks.  Actionable, profitable, and easy to see if you know what you are looking for heading into your search.

What’s important to YOUR company? Is it acquisition? How are you acquiring people? PPC? Organic? Banners? Social? Is it sales? What do you THINK is driving your revenue? Where are you spending the majority of time and money?  That’s where you should begin.  One size doesn’t fit all so use your company goals to drive the discussion around KPI’s and segments that you can use to measure them

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