Is There a Best Font Size

A thought I often have when seeing so many email campaigns everyday is: “Is there an ideal font size in email?”. Now I know that some browsers and email clients have some extra settings to the user that can change font sizes based on their preferences, but shouldn’t you start out thinking bigger?

This example of a recent email I got made me think about this again as the fonts were so small in comparison to all the others I get. Sure you might have a lot to say in a small environment, but if I can’t read it easily why does it even matter what you have to say?

Thinking about usability in email/the inbox is important to understand. We all know that we have a very short time in email to tell someone what is important, what our call to action is and what to do. So if they have to squint and work to read it chances are that they will just move on.

Give yourself the 3 second test with your own emails. Do you:

  1. Have a clear message?
  2. Use just enough copy to incite action?
  3. Have the ability to easily read the sentences and copy without a magnifying glass.

Class dismissed.

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