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In Monday’s post, I recapped some matches that brought us to the Logo Madness Sweet Sixteen, and I called Jack Donaghy at 30 Rock only to get interrupted, insulted, and hung-up on. Today, I won’t be making any phone calls. Let’s just get straight to the results. My breakdowns are after the updated bracket. (Click on the image to download the bracket and play at home, or head to Facebook to vote for these four matchups.)

bracket 4


Before we get into the results of the second round of Logo Madness, I want to say a few words about how this voting process came about. We never defined rules or guidelines for why one chooses to vote for one logo over the other, so what would the people choose to sway their opinion? Brand awareness? Simplicity of design? Symbolism? We let each of you decide with your own moral compass which logo was superior to another. And because of that, you have eliminated the happiest logo, and my favorite logo, in the field when it was decided that Apple’s half-eate apple would defeat’s smiley face! Look, I love my iPod too; but when it comes down to logos, I don’t love apples with perfectly arced bite marks in them. They’re called Apple. Their logo is an apple. What do they sell? Technology. Come on! COME ON!’s smiley-face has an arrow from the a to the z, as in, they have everything “from a to z!” It’s true! I’ve purchased everything from aquarium lights to zombie survival kits! But the people have spoken. A semi-digested apple advances and eliminates the smiley face. Just know that I tried, Amazon. I really did.


#1 Nike vs #6 Playboy

To the surprise of Kurt Loder, Nike wholloped the MTV logo, and The Swoosh will face off against the Playboy bunny. An interesting historical anecdote about these two logos: both were created in relatively short time near the dawn of the companies, and neither have ever changed. The Swoosh was designed among other potential logos in a few weeks by a Portland State University student named Carolyn Davidson. The Playboy bunny was designed by Playboy’s first art director, Art Paul. The bunny combines sexual overtones (bunnies like sex, get it?) with sophistication and class (bow-ties!). The bunny has appeared in every issue since the second. Nike or Playboy? Vote here.

#8 Mercedes-Benz vs #11 NBC

In the southwest region, we don’t have an all-car quarterfinal as the Cinderella of the tournament, #11 seed NBC edged out Audi. The technicolor peacock will face off against #8 Mercedes-Benz, guaranteeing a low seeded logo to face off against Nike (come on, we all know Nike is advancing) in the semi-finals. The NBC logo has went through some major changes since its inception in 1942. To market the value of color televisions, John J. Graham created the first NBC peacock which was used in 1956.

It wasn’t until 1986 that “The Bird” was updated to its current recognizable style, created by the well-known and impressive design firm Chermayeff & Geismar. The sleek silver logo of Mercedes-Benz evolved from many three-point designs, originally representing that Mercedes-Benz designed transportation for land, air and sea. Today’s version of the logo evokes imagery of the wheel and inspires power and luxury. Mercedes-Benz is the only remaining automobile logo left in the field, and well-deserved. Which do you like? NBC’s technicolor peacock, or Mercedes’ silver star? NBC or Mercedes-Benz? Vote here.

#1 Apple vs #6 Google

Over in the north-east region, we have two technology giants squaring off. Very few companies have contributed more to the technology/Internet space than Apple and Google. Apple made technology and how we interact with it fun, while Google became a juggernaut by perfecting Internet search queries. Can you remember back in the day when you were asking Jeeves about stuff? Or trying HotBot or Lycos or Excite? They were unusable by today’s standards. Google’s very simple design gave it an unassuming identity, but I believe it’s the rise of the Google Doodle that puts it this far in the region, and may propel it to be among the final four logos. The very first Doodle was a simple Burning Man doodle, but over the years there have been over a thousand doodles to celebrate pioneers, holidays, and cultures. Lately, they’ve had quite a few interactive doodles that make for great distractions. This one is my favorite. The Apple logo has basically undergone two major changes. They developed the awesome rainbow colored in the 80s, and changed to the sleek monochrome version in the late 90s. The Apple symbol is iconic and universally recognized, whereas Google’s logo is simply the name of the company in red, green, blue and yellow colors. Will the doodles alone trump the Apple logo, or will this #1 seed advance to the semi-finals? Apple or Google? Vote here.

#5 Olympics vs #2 FedEx

My favorite logo left in the tournament, the interlocking rings of the Olympics took out very strong competition to make it this far. It defeated Walt Disney’s autograph; it defeated the NBA’s logo which is literally called “The Logo,” and it took out Toyota’s logo as well. It faces off against the simple and subtle logo of FedEx, whose “E” and “x” come together to create an arrow pointing towards the future. This logo was created in 1994 by Lindon Leader, and was recognized by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the eight best logos of the past 35 years. It has certainly earned its way into this field of eight. It’s going against the historic Olympics logo. I didn’t know this until researching, but the 5 colors represent the culmination of every flag color of the nations competing at the time it was designed: in 1912 by Pierre de Coubertin (co-founder of the Games). The interlocking symbolizes international unity for the competition of the games. So, for the last match-up of the round, which do you prefer? FedEx or The Olympics? FedEx or The Olympics? Vote here.


North-West Region
[1] Nike defeats [5] MTV
[6] Playboy [7] Adidas
South-West Region
[8] Mercedes-Benz defeats [4] Volkswagon
[11] NBC [10] Audi
North-East Region
[1] Apple [4] Amazon
[6] Google defeats [2] Target
South-East Region
[5] Olympics defeats [9] Toyota
[2] FedEx defeats [3] ESPN

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