Icebreaker: Driving Holiday Sales With Email Marketing

Partnering with eROI, Icebreaker successfully executed an 11 part email marketing campaign promoting the New Zealand-based clothing brand and ultimately driving 2009 holiday sales. The overall goal of the campaign was to encourage Icebreaker consumers to purchase Icebreaker clothing as holiday gifts for their friends and family. The primary market for this campaign was Icebreaker’s US list of over 25,000 subscribers who are active outdoor sports enthusiasts familiar with the Icebreaker brand.

Given the giant flux of emails that consumers have in their inbox during the holiday season, Icebreaker knew it was necessary to stand out with excellent creative and a strong strategy. Part of that strategy was to increase send frequency from once every few months to an aggressive 2-3 emails per week. Each email carried a test and/or segmentation element which resulted in the final campaign series. In the end, the campaign included 11 unique emails, each weaving in a distinctive gift giving angle, and was directly responsible for drastically improving Icebreaker’s 2009 holiday online sales vs. holiday 2008.

This Case Study recaps each email sent during the campaign.

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