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How to be a Next-Level Activist

Rainbow balloons, rainbow wings, and people celebrating love at Portland's Pride March.
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Every day, a new issue. Every day, a new choice: either stay paralyzed with fear and anxiety or do something.

So you want to take action?
Here’s how to get involved by strategically—and responsibly—taking your activism to the next level.

 Level 1: Newb 

First, focus. What issues are important to you? When you’ve found the cause that lights the fire in your gut, get ready. Educate yourself. Research the issue from all sides. Identify your friends and foes.
Then put on your battle garb. Whether it’s a button, a t-shirt, or a hat, make a statement with your body. Once you’ve geared up, you’re ready to level up.
Examples of cigarette and soda marketing.

 Level 2: Multiball 

You’ve got your passion and your pins. Now it’s time to bring out the designer in you.
Say you’re going to a march. Grab some poster board and paint and get creative. Be yourself, but consider opportunities to multiply your efforts. Your sign could show up on Twitter, Instagram, or even on national news—so make your message legible, make it unique, and make it count.
Extending your reach means you’re ready to level up again.
The rise and fall and rise of Robert Downey Jr. who battled substance abuse while he played characters that glamorize indulgence.

 Level 3: Full Tilt Boogie 

Boss-level time!
You’ve reached the stage where you’re ready to look into the eyes of your opponents. Go head-to-head by attending a Town Hall meeting and telling your local representative a personal story about issues you’re passionate about.2
Examples of cigarette and soda marketing.

 The Quest Continues 

Now you know how to go from passive to active in three levels. But the fight is never over. This is not a game. It’s your world—you’ve got to stay involved. As marketing professionals, designers, and decent humans, we need to use our powers for good.
We invite you to keep walking the talk. If you’re a marketing agency looking to get involved, join your fellow next-level activists at
For more inspirational words, Mike Montiero speaks all over the world about how to fight fascism with design.

This world belongs to the many, not the few. Activism is our responsibility. See you out there!

Emily Swinkels

Digital Strategist

Robin Clark

Visual Designer