Google web fonts.

You have heard of Google web fonts right*?

Google web fonts is in beta testing and has been for quite some time. Google web fonts is a free, robust web font directory that allows users to download the font for use in designs or on users’ personal servers, as well as copy their code to host it on Google’s servers, and they are all open source.
Ahh, open source.
Google fonts works reliably on most modern browsers, which usually is a a disclaimer statement to explain the exclusion of Internet Explorer, mobile devices, et cetera. Not so in Google’s world. Google fonts work. Google fonts work on IE 6, Chrome 4.249.2, Firefox 3.5, Safari 3.1, Opera 10.5, Android 2.2 and iOS 4.2 and above. Reread that last statement: “and above.” (!)
Google offers a font previewer which allows you to set custom text, at whatever settings Google web fonts supports including CSS3 features like text-shadow and rotation. Set the copy the way you want it to appear on your site, copy the code and its business time!
Check it_
*Quick disclaimer; I am a huge Google friend, supporter, cheerleader. I like Google and firmly believe that if Google made a crappy product we, the people, would finally understand how much Google runs the world because they rock.

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