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Friday Five with Trevor Orton

Trevor Orton

Meet Trevor Orton. Trevor is our Content Lead, in charge of all things words. A minimalist by nature, his content is tight and to the point. You can see that influence on our new site here, and in client work like Fred Meyer Jewelers and Conde Nast. Here are his five things.

1) Keirin Bikes

If you saw my first ever email at eROI, you know I’m into classic Japanese Track Racing (i.e. “Keirin”) bikes. These bikes still represent some of the finest craftsmanship you’re likely to see anywhere, let alone in a bike industry full of mass-produced, overpriced products.

2) drums

I’ve been playing on-and-off since I was 13. I’ve messed around with other instruments, but drums are the mistress to whom I always seem to return. The ultimate dream for me is to someday hook up a vintage Slingerland kit.

3) The Poetry of Billy Collins

I’ve been a fan of Collins since my university course on writing poetry. Multiple-time Poet Laureate of the United States, his style and depth of meaning has had a deep influence on my writing style. My favorite collections are Sailing Alone Around the Room and Ballistics.

4) Filson Products

Okay, I know I’m certainly not the most committed Filson devotee here at eROI. But if I didn’t have to spend money on things like rent and food, I would buy every Filson product I could. They’re one of the few brands who can actually back up the quality and functional claims they make about their products, and I admire the way they have updated their brand direction lately while still staying true to their roots.

5) The Oxford Comma

Some of you knew this was coming. A popular topic of discussion everywhere from college classrooms to indie rock songs, most people are ambivalent about its usefulness in writing. But to answer Mr. Koenig, I definitely give a f*ck about an Oxford comma.

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