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Friday Five with Robyn Barker

Robyn Baker

Meet Robyn Barker, an experienced Account Manager we recently brought on board. Here are her Five Things.

Robyn's Family

1) Family Life

It’s all things blissful, difficult, and circus act-like inside an aggressive spin cycle. It has challenged us to define real love towards each other and ourselves.

Joy Venturi Bianchi

2) Joy Venturi Bianchi

A humanitarian, style icon and stage 4 cancer survivor. To me, a true definition of beauty. She is my mentor and my go-to when I want to soak in some motherly wisdom during a five-star quality session of dress up.

Photo of Clouds

3) Travel

There’s nothing like reviewing stamps in my passport and remembering my fun experiences. I WILL be that old lady that sits in her rocking chair telling her tales of adventure.

Community Service

4) Being of Service

One of my father’s favorite advice is that when you’re feeling troubled, go outside of yourself and help someone. Once you do that, you will most likely return to what’s bothering you and realize that either it doesn’t matter anymore, or you found the peace to handle it. It has worked enough times in my life that it’s worth continuing. Plus, it’s a nice thing to do.

Car Buffer

5) ‘Woo Woo’

Okay, so I didn’t reach a higher spiritual vibrational frequency with a car buffer to my head. But my friend, Mountain, was so convincing. So I tried it, along with many other ‘woo woo’ things because I’m a seeker and I want to try things out to discover my own truth. The car buffer thing is a true story, by the way.

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