Friday Five with Robin Clark

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Meet Robin Clark, a talented designer, musician and all around pleasant person. Robin has done some amazing work with Aramark, and is an integral part of our design team here at eROI. Here are her five things.

David Bowie

1) David Bowie

I’m a lifelong fan of the man, the concept, the music, the Nazz. When you’re searching for authenticity, sometimes the realest thing can be a boy from Brixton who felt like a Spider from Mars. Strongly recommended: The David Bowie Is exhibit.

Live Music

2) Live Music Shows

Real time rock is essential, risky, inspirational, and sometimes awful, but it can re-arrange your brain and fix your spirit. See you there, I will be the one in the front with the extra earplugs.

Wool Socks

3) Wool Socks

A game-changer in the PacNW. Must-Have.


4) International Flights

The transformative moment when you realize that no one around you is speaking your language and you are at last truly alone with your own thoughts…that’s when your adventure really starts to crack open.

The New Yorker

5) The New Yorker

Outstanding writing, variety, news, and laughs, all curated for you so you don’t waste your time. Plus, it’s always fulfilling to take a break from your own self-obsession and check in with the self-obsessed (talking to you, NYC).

Bonus Thing: Peanut Butter – Obviously the best flavor on everything.

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