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Friday Five with Pam Partington

Meet Pam Partington. Pam is a Design Lead for eROI, working with her team on clients like Fred Meyer Jewelers, Aramark and HFO. These are her Five Things.

1) Tiffany Blue

Even though I love variety, my affinity for Tiffany blue is constant. It’s everywhere throughout my wardrobe, office supplies and personal accessories. Everyone can describe themselves with color. Tiffany blue is mine.

2) Lower Nashotah Lake

I grew up on this lake, right in my backyard. It’s where I go to for peace of mind. It holds all my favorite memories, from early morning water skiing to pontoon boat tie-ups with friends and family. It’s a very special place and, in my opinion, the best lake in Wisconsin.

3) Music

From a live show to listening at home to a favorite album, music is what keeps me going. There is nothing like jamming to an album where you know every song and which immediately brings your mood from zero to hero.

4) Shoes

I believe that you should always wear one item that is the talking piece of your outfit. Shoes are my talking piece, from old-school sneakers to fancy heels. My true game is my shoe game.

5) Getting Lost

In a world with so much structure and deadlines, it’s refreshing to just leave the house without a route or plan. Some of my favorite stories come from getting lost. Every time I go for a run, I never take the same route nor have a planned route, and I generally get lost. This experience always rejuvenates me and keeps me happy. I try to get lost weekly, ‘cause I always discover something new.

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