Friday Five with Mackenzie Harrington

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Meet Mackenzie Harrington, a rockstar Account Coordinator who has been with us for over a year now without an official introduction. Here are her five favorite things:

Glass of water

1) Hydration

God forbid I don’t have any water pre workout or with me on a car ride. No one likes to be thirsty.

Nike Running Shoe

2) Running Shoes

A coworker and I once joked at the end of our day that she could already sense I was “running in my mind.” My spirits are immediately lifted when I get in the studio or go outside.

Spotify Logo

3) Mood Music

From my Spotify Calm Work playlist, to groovy dance mixes, music goes hand in hand with my daily routine.

University of Oregon Logo

4) The Ducks

I was raised a Duck, I graduated a Duck, and I’m a faithful Duck alum. Long live Duck football.

Garth and Kat from SNL

5) Communication

Not only is this part of my job description, but I’m constantly communicating with friends and family members. I Insta, I abbrev, I look forward to a good phone sesh, and I sing song talk with all who know me.

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