Friday Five with Danielle Mau-Holmes

Danielle Mau-Holmes

Meet Danielle Mau-Holmes, our Account Lead that works on clients like Fred Meyer Jewelers and Conde Nast. Here are her Five Things.


1) Pilates

It’s my practice! It’s all about mindfulness and balancing muscles in ones body for functional movement. When I am not at eROI, you can find me teaching Pilates and geeking out on anatomy.


2) Wine

I had my first glass at the age of 12 thanks to my Uncle and his love of Red Burgundy. You can say that I am a certified wino as I hold a Level 1 Certification from WSET, but I am not above a Vino2Go (I think they are the most genius things ever).

Disney Land

3) Disney

I am a big fan of the Mouse and the magic that Disney has been providing generation after generation. Going to a college a few miles from Disneyland started my 8 year stretch of being an annual passholder and I always joke with my husband that when I retire my wish is to be a Disneyland tour guide. And yes… I have a collection of Disney animated movies if you couldn’t guess that already.


4) Pasta

I need carbs in my life, without it I can get pretty hangry. My favorite carb is the noodle… Italian pasta, Japanese ramen, japchae, chow fun, pad kee mao, the list could go on.

5) Baking and Crafting

To me, these two go hand-in-hand with one another, I love decorating cakes and crafting party items. Let’s just say that my children are going to be hooked up one day!

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