Friday Five with Cher Fuller

Meet Cher Fuller, talented Digital Strategist, Level 5 tumbler, and gif expert.  Here are her current favorite five things.

Duke and Lucy

1) Pugs (Duke & Lucy)

My life would not be compete without my best buddies, Duke and Lucy. They make life fun and keep my heart happy. Lucy is from Pacific Pug Rescue – check them out for a snorty forever friend.

Summer Beach

2) Summer

I hate being cold. I hate the rain. I hate grey skies. But I LOVE summer! Sunshine, beaches, drinks on the patio. I love every single thing there is about summer. Let the countdown continue…

Cheer team Flawless

3) Coaching

Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast for 12 years and then cheered in college at Oregon State. I have been blessed to pass this passion on to my young athletes for the past 12 years. I currently coach the Junior Level 2 team: Flawless, and Medium Coed Level 5 team: Dream, at Oregon Dream Teams.

Instagram Cher Fuller

4) Instagram

I love the visual story telling aspect of Instagram. Being able to share your stories in a quick visual format, exploring the world through others eyes, the sense of community that themes bring together. Yo, follow me – let’s be friends.

Street Art

5) Street Art

I love visual controlled chaos and the individual expressionism of street art. Here today, gone tomorrow. The street art scene is constantly evolving and changing. A sudden pop of color, a sticker slap, or a beautiful mural breaks up the gentrification of our urban landscape.

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