Friday Five with Brent Schumacher

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Meet Brent Schumacher, an eROI designer who works on a variety of email and web projects for our biggest clients. Brent brings art and design into everything he does, which makes him one of the most talented designers on our staff.

Ryan Burke

1) Drag

“We were born naked, and the rest is drag” -RuPaul. The history of drag culture is complex, but fascinating. From set of Jerry Springer to gay nightclubs from RuPaul’s Drag Race to Marco Marco’s runway shows each and every form of drag is an expression of raw creativity. If you’re unsure about the whole drag thing, check out Ryan Burke’s Instagram and you’ll get the idea.

Canyonlands National Park

2) National Parks

National Parks are rad. Not only are these places beyond amazing to visit, the entire National Parks Service is a treasure. Focusing on more than just preservation of land and resources the NPS has artist residencies, researchers, provides accessibility and education to everyone. Needless to say going to every National Park is my bucket list.


3) Costumes

Like my grandfather once said, “If you’re not having fun, it’s your own fault.” Costumes are always fun, enough said.

Estate Sale

4) Estate Sales

Estate sales are really just treasure hunts. Wandering through someone’s house, and being able to look through their belongings is strangely interesting. You are given a rare glimpse at who the person was, and what they valued. These sales are uncomfortable, crowded, and always worth it.

Charlie Dog

5) Charlie Dog

This handsome man cakes is the best dog ever.

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