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eROI 3-Year Painted Picture – A look to Our Future

Ryan Buchanan
CEO + Founder

I’m opening the kimono with this presentation, letting the world see a specific picture that I have of what eROI looks like and acts like in exactly 3 years from now in Q1 of 2016.  The presentation starts with the scene in the movie “Pulp Fiction” where Samuel L. Jackson shows at gunpoint a beautiful, glowing orb of something magical in his briefcase.  Likewise at eROI, we’ve all known there is something amazing in the DNA of this amazing digital marketing agency and of the people here, but we’ve really never sat down and defined it in a specific way.  That is what we’ve set out to do with creating a Painted Picture with measurable goals and outcomes of what eROI does, who we are, and how we build on our success.  My inspiration for this strategic planning exercise was from Cameron Herold of Backpocket COO who introduced me to the Painted Picture concept.

Some of the fresh thinking from the employees at eROI that helped inform this Painted Picture was added focus at eROI. You’ll see from Slide 6 that our whole company is focusing our energy around 3 vertical industries: consumer product goods, publishing (media), and technology. This informs our thought leadership, the type of new clients we go after, and where we spend our energy and resources. Additionally, this painted picture exercise put a finer point on the meaning behind each of our company values and a reminder that we need to be addressing these on a weekly basis in our staff meetings to make sure we are living those values. Without further ado, here it is: