Workplace equity is not a single task or checkbox.


Workplace equity is a new way of thinking, of working, and of moving through the world. At eROI, we’re committed to the ongoing efforts that characterize diversity, equity, and inclusion. You’ll see this in our hiring practices, growth plans, and workplace programs. Our workplace and work are better when diverse perspectives are reflected in our office, business decisions, and work.


Our Story


In 2015, eROI was 88% white. We had done little to actively recruit or support employees from traditionally nondominant populations. That wasn’t OK, so we committed to change. We started by partnering closely with Emerging Leaders and their internship program and signing the TechTown Diversity Pledge to help increase the diversity in our organization and learn how to build a more equitable, inclusive workplace in the tech community.

Since 2015 we’ve made changes, prioritizing diversity and equity in our recruiting processes and making inclusion a key element in decisions. We’ve energized and empowered our internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. We’re hosting internal events and continuing education to support and educate our employees. Topics have included unconscious biases, understanding our own privilege, and how to be an ally.


Black/African American
Two or More Races

Going forward, we’ll continue to support affinity groups, nurture partnerships, and engage in conversation with peer agencies.
We still have a lot to do, and that involves listening and learning and change.


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