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How to Use Social Media to Optimize Your Brand and Create Loyal Ambassadors.

At October’s Social Media Club Portland event, we had the chance to present a case study approach to our social media experiment and the findings, both good and bad, along the way.

You’ve heard it here before and you will hear it many more times to come; ‘Why?’ As we begin relationships and explore opportunities with clients, we spend a lot of time asking “why”, especially as it relates to social media.

Why allocate time and resources to social?

Why do you want more Facebook fans?

Why is social important to your overall goals?

Asking “why” shapes our strategy, deepens our client relationships and ultimately drives our campaigns. At eROI, “why” is our North star.

Sometimes, we need to turn the “why” question on ourselves. Recently we took a hard look at our own social media efforts across multiple channels and began exploring the same questions we ask our clients. The result was the development of a social media initiative that involved contributions from every team member at eROI. Based on measurable goals, empowerment of team members, and the free flow of ideas across departments, this initiative has been a great success since its launch in July.

For those that missed the event or simply want to reference the deck, feel free to download it below.
Thank you for an amazing evening!

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