A Non-Viral Campaign Against Social Media

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015!

We hope you are bright eyed and energized as you enter into a new and exciting year! We come off 2014 with a renewed perspective on social and the importance of capturing every moment possible to prove to our friends we were there, or that we are cool, or that we ARE someone, or that we totally didn’t sit at home taking 45 selfies to get the one good one that we then smoothed out and edited to make sure our hair and skin looked perfect. Yes, 2014 was definitely the year of the selfie ladies and gentlemen. And we are so proud to support the heads down movement that Instagram brought into our lives.

Instagram Moment
Amy Poehler Really?

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We kicked off December with an initiative to take our eyes off our phones and enjoy the holidays with family and friends sans “capturing” the moment on social. We challenged ourselves and those around us to stop hashtagging and start living, with a non-viral campaign against social media called #DONTHASHTAGTHIS. From December 15th – 19th, we put our money where our mouth was and went dark on all our channels. In that time we had our company holiday party, decorated the office, and had some hilariously funny times.



Well, it turns out when you aren’t worried about grabbing the perfect photo to share, you can sort of just enjoy the moment more and actually be present. Crazy right? This campaign forced us to examine our own habits and motivation for posting to social. It allowed us to relax, and focus on the moment in front of us. With a distraction free environment some things started to become clear – there was no need to “prove” where we were, because we already knew it. It slowly didn’t matter to us if people outside our company doors knew we were smart, or funny, or ridiculously good looking. Because we collectively shared those moments with the people in the room, making memories and sharing laughs that are now saved in our own personal memory banks. And while yes, the act of sharing your life digitally is part of our culture now, we can’t deny, it was really nice to unplug for a bit and spend the holidays with those we care about without framing up the perfect shot with a thoughtful filter. We’re back to the grind in 2015, plugging away at another great year of our craft. We love being able to share our world with you – but this year we’re doing things a little differently. We aren’t sharing things to share them. You won’t see endless posts about how awesome we think we are. Because to us, those cultural experiences are created internally for the eROI employees who live them. We may share a few fun snaps now and then, but we are committed to being present for 2015. For you, our partners, and ourselves.

Here’s to 2015 – the year of being present.

And maybe once in a while, unplug for a bit and take some mental pictures.

Mental Pictures

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