Catch the madness! Announcing new features and updates to Portland Madness.

Portland Madness
If you missed our introduction of Portland Madness, read our previous post.

Is there one thing that defines a city as diverse and eclectic as Portland, OR? We’re trying to find out.

Millions of people fill out college basketball brackets every March, so in the spirit of the madness we decided to create a tournament centered around personalities and traits of Portland.

Animated Madness
Last week, we picked 65 of the Most Portland Things About Portland™ to battle it out in a winner-take-all single-elimination tournament.
This week, we’re rolling out even more contest features. Stay tuned for local Instagram photos tagged with #pdxmadness, and videos previewing the tournament. The first installment of what we lovingly and satirically call “SockCenter” is below, anchored by Stuart Sock, Gus Yarnson, and Erin Handrews.
The image after the guitar neck is not a broken image. That’s us trying to be clever.


Instagram contest #pdxmadness

With the weather inching towards spring, the most Portland-y things start to emerge from their rainy hibernation (except, of course, for rain itself, which is making a strong case for itself lately). When you see something that’s so Portland you just have to share it with the world, put it on Instagram with the hashtag #pdxmadness. Our panel of experts will review submissions and pick their favorite to win an awesome Portland-themed prize.

Update/Edit brackets

If you’ve filled out a bracket, don’t forget you can always come back to the bracket and edit / update it prior to the deadline. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re not in the mood for Thai Food anymore, and you want to see the Darth Vader Unicycling Bagpiper to advance? You have up until March 20th to tinker with your brackets.
Stay tuned to and all of our social channels to see in-depth analysis of the contenders, things that didn’t make the tournament, and hilarious side bets between eROI employees.

Madness is coming!

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