Adding stable shadows + calendar invites to your email

Google Calendar allows users to share calendar events in HTML links without attaching a file or using javascript. Using their public calendar function and a little clever tooling—you too can invite people to your event directly from your email newsletter.
We tried this on our most recent send, advertising #WF_, a mobile coworking event at Mississippi Studios Bar Bar. Click the button to add the event to your Google calendar seamlessly, and join us at Bar Bar while you’re at it!
Read more about Google Calendar’s Event Publisher at Google.
And while we’re on the topic of email, I want to discuss another feature we’ve been testing for bullet-proof emails that are stable and consistent on all email clients.
Stable shadows
For too long shadows have been dropped, or faced the possibility of image-drop, in email marketing. This isn’t a problem anymore. By nesting tables, as well as using a combination of padding and background colors, you can easily create image-perfect shadows that are stable on all email clients. And viola. Check our most recent email send to have a look. Can you tell the difference?
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