2020 eROI Vision: driving innovation through email + web + social

Ryan Buchanan
CEO + Founder

Our Exec Team + I painted a vivid picture of what eROI will look like and the goals we are going to accomplish by the year 2020.

Providing a clear path forward for our employees, partners, and clients, this presentation charts eROI’s evolution from June 2014 to Dec 2020. We, as an Exec Team, spent two full-day quarterly strategic planning off-sites and a half-dozen weekly follow-up meetings to get alignment and clarity on which goals were important to us, which services to focus on, how to grow smart without sacrificing culture, and how we could get there.

Three weeks ago, we presented this to our whole agency staff. We wanted the company to get in the mindset of the future, so along with your customized burrito, our employees got to go back to the future w/ futurized (yes, that’s a word) ice cream called Dippin’ Dots in a mystical fog of dry ice. After the presentation and surprise Dippin’ Dots, we got a round of applause from the staff which is a first time I’ve ever witnessed for a business presentation. Good sign. We started the presentation with the importance of our values which guide us in all of the decisions we make, now, and in the future:

We are one, making our partner’s passions our own, with boundless curiosity, seeking to inspire and be inspired.

In order to serve our partners better, we will continue to grow without sacrificing our commitment to culture all the while deepening our service offerings, driving innovation across email, web, and social. This Vision presentation puts a stake in the ground with our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of being chosen by Ad Age as top Small Agency of the Year by 2020. To accomplish this, we are going to execute on some big initiatives:

  1. 10,000 Why Moments We starting collecting marketers and entrepreneurs transformative why moments in 2013, creating a special edition book. We are going to add focus to this effort, by creating a long-term study and explore the American Dream in 2015.
  2. eROI will evaluate + choose 1 “venture partner” Collaborating with a small consumer brand with big potential but small marketing resources we will put our money where our mouth is, only getting paid if we drive revenue + increase brand equity.
  3. Drive innovation, starting with email marketing  Beginning with our 8 email marketing touches over 3 months for the 6 eROI events that we are hosting for Design Week Portland, we are going to re-define how brands and consumers interact with email. There hasn’t been true creative innovation in the email medium for a long time. There is opportunity to drive truly immersive experiences in email and eROI will lead this effort.
  4. Taking a thought leadership role in evangelizing the value of the Fluid Web The Fluid Web is a tech-agnostic approach to the web that removes barriers and enables human communication.<

Please take a look at our Vision for 2020 and share your thoughts on where digital marketing campaigns are headed over the next 6 years.

Ryan Buchanan
Ryan Buchanan, CEO + Founder at eROI.
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